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New Site, New Info!

My old site had some good stuff on it but was really showing it’s age so I decided to start from scratch with this one. I’ll be adding some of my older posts on here but most of the content I plan to add going forward will mostly cover SharePoint, WordPress, perhaps even some Shopify …

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SharePoint Calculated Columns

I thought it would be a good idea to post this list of common formulas for SharePoint Calculated Columns. I have found myself coming back to this page a lot, over the years. I hope it might help you as well. There are a ton of other common ones, I’m sure. If you think of any …

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How to render the URL of the current sub-site in a Masterpage

I came across a seemingly simple to find token issue but could not find the answer to it so easily.  I wanted to render the URL path into the HTML of my Masterpage.  It took me quite a while to find the answer so I thought I would add it to my blog to make it a …

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